Just like last year I have registered and started a reading challenge for Transorld Publishing. This time the books are all of an historical theme, including my favourite historical period the Tudor era. Last year I did a crime reading challenge and enjoyed reading and reviewing the books so much. I was delighted to see a new challenge and in one of my favourite reading genres too.

Book no.1 arrived the middle of last week and I started reading it on Friday. The first book is Victoria Lamb’s The Queen’s Secret , set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.  So far I  am enjoiying it immensely, the writing  style is easy and the characters are well written. The adding of characters Lucy, Tom and Goodluck to the story have brought excitement so far in the way they are being used b y people important to the queen.

The added interest of the fight for Robert Dudley by Queen Elizabeth and her cousin Lettice is nicely handled and also the risk of Queen Elizabeth’s life and the threat to the throne of England . Dudley’s continuing battle to have him declared husband and King of England makes a fascinating part of the storyline.