I really enjoyed this book. The time period of the Civil War and the domination of Cromwell made it an interesting historical novel.

The main character Thomas Hill , was interesting, clever and a rather surprising person, alongside his friend Simon de Pointz.

From the moment I finished the first chapter, I knew that I was going to enjoy this book immensely. The beginning chapter was in your face excitement as you met Thomas Hill for the first time.
The supporting characters Jane , Abraham and the King made the book flow along nicely.Thomas Hill was the most interesting character, not only because of his clever deciphering of the codes but also his determination and bravery in discovering who the traitor was. The intrigue of code breaking, romance , treachery and murder made this a most exciting read.

The code breaking was a surprise to the plot for me, as I never realised that it was used in the English Civil War by the Roundheads and Cavaliers. The demonstration in the book helped me to understand how the main character was deciphering the codes, even if I didn’t understand the exact process.
It was lovely to read a book that was set in a familiar area that I knew so well. This helped the book to feel like an old friend.
I could not put this book down , and I am so glad that i chose this book as one of my Historical Reading Challenge picks. Andrew Swanston should be proud of a good historical novel. I have recommended this to several friends by word of mouth and the internet sites Goodreads and Twitter.